Thursday, June 19, 2008

Parkhurst 1st Blog

hey everybody! welcome to our first attempt at a blog. we're excited to share our lives with all of you guys! life just got really exciting for us about 6 weeks ago as we had our 2nd baby girl, sophie joy! she is just as red-headed as the first, but a TOTALLY different temperament. she is sweet sweet sweet and does nothing but sleep, eat and poop all day and all night. she was born on may 12th (1 day earlier than scheduled...she just decided she was done being inside her momma!) via c-section, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches..nice and big, and everything couldn't have been smoother. ruby is doing so great as a big sister too. for the most part she doesn't really care about her being around or notice her too much, and she is soft and kisses her when she does notice her. so, we'll see what happens when sophie starts crawling and playing with "ruby's toys"...then we'll see how soft ruby will be with her. but we sure love our girls and love our crazy, insomniac life.
matt continues to work full time with farmers insurance and really likes it...they treat him great and pay him good. what more could you ask for? he's also busy and consumed with starting a new little business of his own painting parking lots, called "striping". i think he's mostly just excited that he finally got to buy a truck. but he's hoping to get started this summer and keep it as a side job for a little extra money. i also decided, with the birth of sophie, to be a stay at home mom and quit the salon. it was a tough decision that took some thinking about but i know at this point in my diaper filled life it's best. however, i can't let the love of doing hair just leave my life and i will be doing it out of my home to those who dare come to my house and walk through the gauntlet of toys. i'm very excited my career allows me to do be so flexible and i can still keep my sanity by talking to other adults throughout the day.
ruby is growing so fast and one of the main reasons for this blog, we can't seem to capture her in pictures fast enough and show her off to our friends and family enough. everyday she's saying new words and phrases (her new word is "gosh!" and says it about everything, and her new phrase is "i got it!"), is already showing interest in the "potty", she still just loves elmo and has to watch "nemo" atleast once a day, and keeps us cracking up all day long. she is a funny sweet girl and we can't wait for sophie to get big enough that they can play!
so, we promise to do our best in keeping up our blog and posting as many pictures as we can. please keep checking it and posting your comments!